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Save 48%

ImpetroGear Complete Bundle

$178.95 $349.95

Base Unit +3 Backpacks

  • Skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountaineering
Save up to 51%

ImpetroGear Duo Bundle

$134.95 $279.85

Base Unit+ Choice of 2 backpacks

  • Skiing
  • Mountain biking
  • Mountaineering
Save up to 51%

ImpetroGear Solo Bundle

$89.95 $184.95

Base Unit + 1 Backpack

  • Skiing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Mountaineering

The Impetro Gear System is the first modular backpack system designed for mountain sports in every season.

The Impetro Gear system consists of a state-of-the-art Base Unit designed for maximum comfort and utility paired with a backpack of your choice depending on your activity - Biking, Mountaineering or Skiing:

Why Impetro Gear?


We only use premium materials in the design of our backpacks:



Our patented X-Harness can be fully adjusted to the contours of your body and provides an unprecedented range of motion.

"First backpack that truly gives me freedom of movement downhill, making me forget I have it on my shoulders"- MTB Magazine

The Impetro base is the next generation in backpack utility designed for the serious athlete.
Each of our backpacks comes with activity specific features to allow you to store your essential items.


Our customers love ImpetroGear Backpacks

5 average
6 reviews
Complete Bundle

I am impressed with the quality of materials involved with this design. Perfect for those that like organization, each pack can be prepared and ready to go, easy to switch the pack to the harness. If you need a new pack to do all sorts of crazy things outside, try this one!

John S Huntington Station, US

Solo Bundle Bike

This is a great quality backpack. Customer service was very helpful with my questions and shipped fast.

Anna Pevzner New York, US

Complete Bundle

I bought the entire bundle and love this transformative product! The quality is top notch and the materials, fabric and attention to details is amazing. 5 stars for me

Omar D Munich, Germany

Duo Bundle (Ski/Bike)

As someone into hiking and Biking, i bought the duo bundle. What a unique concept. Materials are top notch.

Elizabeth B Pittsburgh, US

Complete Bundle

Was able to test it out during the weekend, mainly with the mountain pack. Even without using the raincover (which is included in the mountain pack and the bike pack, but not in the ski pack), it held off enough rain to keep the inside dry (at least for about an hour in the rain).

The freedom of movement with my arms and shoulders was unprecedented. So for climbers who use their arms and shoulders a lot, this is great.

Loading it up with a lot of weight (just to test it out) wasn't so comfortable; the weight was pulling heavily on my chest (at least not on my shoulders as in some of the competitions products). So if you are not a minimalist, for longer tours I would recommend something else. For a day out in nature with not too much weight, it's the perfect gear.

Helmut Kohlen Frankfurt, Germany

Complete Bundle

I did the first hike -> selected the bikepack in order to test the maximum load if the smallest option.

The X-harness is amazing!

You feel the load of backpack on completely different points.

And yes receive another level of freedom.

The only cons -> if you untie the X-harness -> the backpack start pulling behind. My perception is that I didn't succeed to fix properly the shoulder-straps so I will play again.

If the X-harness is tied -> everything was perfect even with full backpack.

The bike pack is perfectly OK for 1day hike when you want to be with as small weight on your back as possible.

Plamen Baruh Salzburg, Austria