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Baltoro is based out of Toronto, Canada. Our mission is to create innovative, high-quality, and rugged products that allow you to explore the great outdoors on your own terms. Whether it be a hike on a nearby trail, an adrenaline-fueled mountaintop adventure, or a family trip to the beach, our goal is to get you outside, to challenge your horizons.

We are named after the Baltoro Glacier, a 39-mile-long glacier located in the Himalayas, one of the largest glaciers in the world. This massive, stoic glacier is a testament to the oldest forces on Earth and serves as an inspiration for our company.

At Baltoro, we stand as a monument to quality and integrity, embodying our commitment to delivering the best products possible.

We are here for our customers

Our products, customer service, foundational business ethos reflect our commitment to the people and our planet.

Welcome to Palo Alto

Welcome to Palo Alto

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Build resilient products. Your gear should enable once-in-a-lifetime adventures many times over. 

Always innovate. We build exactly what our outdoor enthusiast customers want, especially when it doesn’t yet exist. 

Encourage and support exploration for everyone, everywhere. Travel is a luxury, but adventure is a mindset. We help everyone do both no matter financial means or skill level. 

Provide superior customer service. Buying online should not be a hassle. We value our customers and do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy.

Give back to the communities and ecosystems that go unseen. We work with organizations that support responsible tourism.

We care about the communities we live in.

Welcome to Palo Alto

Welcome to Palo Alto

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Baltoro is a Direct to Consumer brand. We work with curated suppliers to source quality outdoor gear designed to our specifications, store it in our warehouse (located in Las Vegas, Nevada) and then ship it directly to you from our website.

This allows us to limit overhead associated with a typical brick and mortar retailer. We don't pay for expensive sales people, premium retail space leases, and associated electricity, heating and general upkeep costs.

As a result, we are able to keep our costs low and pass these savings on to you. A win-win situation!

Baltoro Trade name is owned by World of Active Lifestyle Inc, incorporated in Ontario, Canada (Business Number: 78559 1942)