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Solo Bundle (choice of 1 backpack)

$149.95 $184.95

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Starter Pack!

The bundle for the one-sport experts or to begin setting up your IMPETRO arsenal. If you want to perform to your maximum in one activity, pick the one pack you need to do that. You will also have the foundation for future packs in order to expand your equipment capabilities.

The bundle includes:

1 BASE_Unit

1 pack of your choice from the following:

 1 HIKE Pack (LINK)

1 BIKE_Pack (LINK)

1 SKI_Pack (LINK)



All the packs are compatible with the BASE_Unit, you just have to zip them on & off depending on the activity you want to do.

For more information & photos for the base unit please follow the link to its individual page by clicking the links above.


The Impetro Gear system consists of a state-of-the-art Base Unit designed for maximum comfort and utility paired with a backpack of your choice depending on your outdoor activity.

By keeping the Base Unit the same, we are able to significantly reduce material and manufacturing costs and pass these savings on to you.


Base Unit + choice of 1 backpacks from Hike, Bike, Mountain and Ski Pack




We only use premium materials in the design of our backpacks:



Our patented X-Harness can be fully adjusted to the contours of your body and provides an unprecedented range of motion.

"First backpack that truly gives me freedom of movement downhill, making me forget I have it on my shoulders"- MTB Magazine

The Impetro base is the next generation in backpack utility designed for the serious athlete.



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15 Reviews
Ski/Bike Pack

I saw this product in Germany with a friend of mine and was glad to know it was available here as well. I like to bike and run and with these two backpacks I can do both without paying extra.

Peter F Las Vegas, Nevada

Mountain Pack

I bought the Mountain_pack backpack version and I am an enthusiastic user of it. It's perfect for my purpose, it's very useful when I have the necessity to take with me three lens and my camera. I promote it whenever I can on my social network.In the future maybe you can try to produce a fourth pack with more volume, like a 45 or a 50 litres, useful for more days trekking and, for a photographers like me, for more photography gears.

Federico C Rome, Italy

Complete Bundle

The X-harness is amazing!

You feel the load of backpack on completely different points.

And yes receive another level of freedom.

The only cons -> if you untie the X-harness -> the backpack start pulling behind. My perception is that I didn't succeed to fix properly the shoulder-straps so I will play again.

If the X-harness is tied -> everything was perfect even with full backpack.

Plamen B Salzburg Austria

Complete Bundle

This is a great quality backpack. Customer service was very helpful with my questions and shipped fast.

Anna P New York, US

Ski Backpack

Nice backpack...bought this one to test it out. Will add more of their backpacks. Love the freedom that comes with the harness/base unit that comes with this.

Nick K Pittsburgh

Ski Backpack

Love it. It's high quality at a very reasonable cost.

Phil S Boulder, Colorado

Ski/Bike Pack

I was a little skeptical of buying this because i hadn't heard of this company, however i'm glad I did. I like not having to have different backpacks.

Emmanuel Parsippanny, New Jersey

Complete Bundle

This is for my son, who loves to ski as a Christmas present. I received it a few days ago, and looks great quality. The modular concept is interesting. Only thing is that the ski backpack doesn't have a rain cover.

Peggy H Des Moines, US

Complete Bundle

It seems i got 3 quality backpacks for the price of 1. Why not!

Tom Seattle, US

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Save up to 18%

Solo Bundle (choice of 1 backpack)

$149.95 $184.95
Save up to 42%

Duo Bundle (choice of 2 backpacks)

$159.95 $279.85
Save up to 42%

Trio Bundle (choice of 3 backpacks)

$199.95 $349.95