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Impetro Gear

One Pack. All Mountain.

A complete eco-system for mountain sports. On your back.

The Impetro Gear System is the first modular backpack system designed for mountain sports in every season.

Designed by mountain sports lovers from Salzburg Austria, the home of the Alps, we are excited to bring these award winning backpacks to North America.

Built for mountaineering, skiing, and mountain biking, the system is designed for seamless and efficient transition from one sport to another.

The Impetro Gear system consists of a state-of-the-art Base Unit designed for maximum comfort and utility paired with a backpack of your choice depending on your activity - BikingMountaineering or Skiing.

How it works:

Start with the Base Unit

Customize with 3 zip-on packs engineered to organize and carry specialized gear.

The Impetro base is the next generation in backpack utility designed for the serious athlete.

Here's a few reasons why you should consider an Impetro Gear backpack for your next adventure:

1. Quality

We use only premium material in the design of ImpetroGear Backpacks

2. Features

We've designed a completely new harness on our base pack to give you an unprecedented freedom of motion. Our customers are delighted with this feature:

"The X-harness is amazing! You feel the load of backpack on completely different points. And yes receive another level of freedom." - Plamen B

"The freedom of movement with my arms and shoulders was unprecedented. So for climbers who use their arms and shoulders a lot, this is great." - Helmut K

Here's some of the unique features of the X Harness:

Gloves-friendly magnetic buckle for one-click open

X-cut straps for full range of upper body motion

Chest centered for balanced and stable load

3. Cost Advantage

By using the same base for different backpacks, we are able to save on material costs and pass on some of these savings to you. The result: a much superior product at an amazing price!


ImpetroGear was initially launched in Europe and has been reviewed by two mountain bike magazines from Italy and Germany with a combined circulation of three quarters of a million visitors a month. Here's what they had to say:

Review 1: MTB magazine (Italy)

(original content in Italian - pls use a translation tool to read in English)

Review 2:

(original content in German, pls use a translation tool to read in English)

Choosing the right Backpack