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9 Camping Must Haves for Beginners

9 Camping Must Haves for Beginners


The excitement is quickly building for your upcoming camping trip! But, before setting off on your outdoor adventure, make sure you bring all the must haves for tent camping.


Use this guide as a checklist for your tent camping essentials to ensure that you’ll be well-prepared for the trip. You’ll have everything you need for an easy campsite setup that’s comfortable, convenient, and ready to tackle emergencies.


Let’s jump into it!


Outdoor Tent


Serving as your home away from home, your tent will provide your shelter during your camping trip. Outdoor tents vary to accommodate all types of camping—consider your group size, weather conditions, and special features on tents to find one suitable for your camping trip.


Baltoro provides two easy to use tents for first time campers. The Angna is a lightweight compact tent ideal for 1-2 persons. Larger groups can benefit from the Nirvana 3 person tent with its easy-to-set-up design and ventilation.


Sleeping Bag


A good sleeping bag can be the difference between waking up feeling refreshed for another day of adventure or sore from a tireless night. The best sleeping bags provide you with the comfort and warmth you’ll need at night.


Several styles of sleeping bags for camping are designed for functionality. The Vatna (or mummy style) sleeping bag is preferred for cold nights as it preserves heat inside of it. The Erebus (or non-mummy style) sleeping bag is the traditional rectangle design with better airflow in warmer camping climates.


Sleeping Mattress


We all love the great outdoors, but not always the hard ground to sleep on. Many campers layer the floor of their tents with sleeping mattresses for a much more comfortable sleep.


The best sleeping mattress for camping should fit inside your tent and provide your preferred level of comfort. Baltoro’s Baffin mattresses are an all-in-one mattress solution with a built-in pump. Alternatively, all you have to do is unroll the Jasper mattress style, and its self-inflating technology does all the hard work while you get a head start on your outdoor adventures.


Skottle Grill


Say goodbye to fast food and fine dining because camping is about testing one of your essential survival skills—cooking. However, it’s a skill you’ll likely master with a skottle grill. 


Originating from South Africa, the skottle grill is a rimless frying pan providing a wide surface to prepare meals on. Likened to a flattened wok, this is a camper’s best friend for preparing everything from sausage, fish, vegetables, and rice.


Portable Power


Give your emergency kit a much-needed boost with the addition of portable power. Even when you go off the grid, portable power gives you access to electricity whenever needed.


Portable power stations for camping can be advantageous even for tent camping if you’re bringing along electronics. Three types of portable power—gasoline-powered, electric-powered, and solar-powered—vary in charge efficiency and wattage.


Portable Camping Table


Before deciding on a camping location, double-check if it has picnic tables. Many dispersed campsites sites do not have tables, so you’ll need your own portable camping table. Having a multi-functional surface can assist with everything from cooking to playing cards.


There are many reputable brands on the market for your portable folding camping table. Baltoro provides two solutions here. The large Monarch camping table is durable with an adjustable height and easy to carry with its built-in handle. The Ida portable camping table is lightweight for carrying yet sturdy for general use.




Your tent isn’t the only option to lay your head during your camping trip.  Now-a-days many people prefer to sleep in a hammock rather than the confined space of a tent - hammocking is now becoming more and more popular.


Tree hammocks are best for woodlands - just find two trees and attach a hammock in between and you're all set. Others come with a base stand in case there are no trees around. If you are into car camping or like going to campsites/cottages, you may find Baltoro’s collapsible Luciana Hammock handy with its sturdy design, breathability and quick set up.


First-Aid Kit


A first-aid kit for camping is one of the essential items to bring. While we hope we won’t have to use it, it’s something you’ll be glad you have in case of an emergency.


Make sure everyone knows where to find the first-aid kit in case you have to treat cuts, sprains, bruises, and other injuries. The best first aid kit for camping should have bandages, gauze pads and rolls, pain relievers, and any prescribed medication.


Camp Lighting


Prepare for pure darkness—many beginner campers are surprised by how dark it gets at night when you’re away from city lights. Illuminate the night with flashlights and camp lighting to keep creating camping memories all night.


A few camp lighting ideas can include battery-powered lanterns to place on your portable folding camping table, flashlights for a night hike, and headlamps to keep your hands free at night.

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