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5 Essential Features on a Ski Backpack

5 Essential Features on a Ski Backpack


Seasoned skiers and snowboarders venturing into the backcountry will attest that a good ski backpack is the backbone of any adventure. Whether you’re touring up backyard slopes for some quick laps in fresh powder or gearing up for a multi-day glacial traverse, you want to ensure you have the right pack for the journey.

We suggest you look no further than our tried-and-true Impetrogear  modular base and its performance-forward Ski Pack attachment. Created by skiers for skiers, its durable, dependable design ensures comfort and safety is at the forefront of every ski outing. No matter what type of terrain you’re exploring.



Read on for the five most essential features we prioritized when engineering our ski backpacks.

 1. Carry Straps for Skis or Snowboard

When the slopes become too icy or too steep and you need to start kicking steps, trusty carrier straps for your skis or snowboard are vital. The option of hauling your gear vertically or diagonally also comes in handy. Especially when the terrain demands utmost flexibility to move and react quickly.

Our carrier straps are made with the sturdiest Nylon 2000D on the market, allowing you to focus on your traverse and not on the stability or security of your gear. They’ve been tested and won over by the most thrill-seeking skiers and snowboarders we know, and that’s how we know we’ve done it right.

We’ve also added a quick-lock bungee system for when you need to put away your ski poles.   


2. Separate Avalanche Gear Compartment 

If you plan on riding in avalanche-prone terrain, your avalanche safety gear should be your highest priority. Having a beacon, probe, and shovel in a separate, easily-accessed compartment can be the difference between life and death, since every second matters when a riding partner is buried.

It’s a ski pack feature we take very seriously. And so, we’ve put in the time to perfect it. The interior safety gear pocket on our Impetrogear Ski Pack provides an easy in/out for your tools, and a reliable zipper closure that won’t freeze or get stuck at the wrong time. The RECCO rescue technology built into our Base Unit will also provide that extra peace of mind.

We suggest you practice your avalanche response by packing and unpacking your safety equipment routinely, too. That way, you don’t have to think twice if dangerous conditions catch you off guard.



3. Size and Weight

The size and weight of your ski pack matters. Both when charging down slopes and touring uphill for hours on end.

We understand that riding gear, safety equipment, and food and water combined is heavy enough, so the last thing you want is to add unnecessary pounds with a poorly constructed pack. With our Impetrogear backpacks package, you’ll find premium fabrics and materials chosen for their strength as much as their weight, and ergonomic back and waist padding in the pressure points that matter.

We’ve also kept the Ski Pack size to 22 liters to enforce sticking to the absolute necessities. And to efficiently distribute weight and keep your pack feeling stable- and your back comfortable- we’ve added an innovative X-Harness chest strap and height-adjustable waist belt. They’ll keep you performing at your best even on the longest of days on the mountain.


4. External Helmet Sling

For years we would hear skiers and snowboarders blame non-existent helmet compartments for their lack of helmets when riding off-piste. And that just didn’t sit right with us.

Head injuries are no joke, and helmets are just as important as any other piece of gear in your riding arsenal. Having a place to store it, of course, is key.

That’s why we made sure that our Ski Pack has a well-constructed helmet sling on its exterior. The fabric stretches to fit around any-sized helmet, while keeping it super secure until we need it in more complex terrain.

5. Storage Compartments 

No skier or snowboarder should be left wondering why a pocket, strap or slot exists on their pack. As outdoor devotees, we’ve tested our fair share of models to know which features matter and which ones don’t, and have designed a lighter, smarter, and more cost-effective backpack because of every lesson learned out on the field.

So what compartments matter? Other than a dedicated safety gear compartment, a pocket for ski goggles is a big plus. We’ve added one at the top of our pack and lined it with a deluxe fleece, so that your lenses maintain their quality.

Quick-access pockets for phones and small accessories also matter. Our Ski Pack has a front pocket, waist belt pockets, and a small back-access pocket to carry the things you require at a moments notice. Their positioning makes them possible to open even with frozen fingers or gloves on, too.



Our skibackpack bundle comes with all the above nifty features plus you get a 10L day hike pack absolutely free! Get it now for $169.


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